… My Minimum Penis Requirement

Drunk blonde: So, what do you think of American women?
Irish guy: Well, I don’t know how to say this delicately, but I prefer American men.
Drunk blonde: Mhmmm… So, do you have a girlfriend back home?
Irish guy: I’m not sure you quite understand…

Chicago, Illinois

I've Been Waiting for the Perfect Time to Share That with You.

Sorority girl #1: Are you gonna go?
Sorority girl #2: Like, I don't know. Like, I think I'm gonna go.
Sorority girl #3: Like, I think I'm gonna go, but like I don't know yet.
Sorority girl #2: Oh my god, like after I came back from Vegas, I gained some weight, so like I took Adderall for like two days!

Austin, Texas