Sure, Alberto. Sure.

Yelling man: Don’t try to pick my pocket! I’m in the FBI! I have a badge! I know the Constitution! I could kill you!

Overheard by: b!X

Um, That’s You

Intercom: The moving walkway is ending.
Little boy: The moving walkway is pooping! Haha! Pooping!

Midway Airport
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: morgz

You Don’t Have a Computer, Sir

Customer at coffee shop: What’s the Wi-Fi password?
Barista: ‘Elephant.‘
Customer: Is that all one word?
Barista, staring: Um…
Customer: Oooh, you said ‘elephant’. I thought you said ‘Ontario’.


Overheard by: Blastronaut

…Which You All Got Wrong on the Midterm

Professor: What would you guys do if I told you that a giant fish was going to eat you on your way home?
Girl: Hide?
Professor: No! You’d all go out and have sex! I mean besides sleeping, eating, and having sex, what else do you need to do? You’re just taking this class so later in life you can sleep in a better place, eat better food, and have sex with someone hotter!

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michgan

Overheard by: Kelli