Ladies who lunch

Woman #1: So… How’s your daughter?
Woman #2: She’s growing up to be a New Yorker.

Trident Coffee Shop, 940 Pearl Street
Boulder, Colorado

Loud lady to friend: So, have you fallen down in any more parking lots this summer?

Panera Bread
White Marsh, Maryland

Overheard by: just eatin my lunch

Old white lady, leaving table with a flourish: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom to shoot up.

Baltimore, Maryland

Overheard by: Loves Her Some Thai Food

Woman at table dining with friend: I mean, I love infectious diseases, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not my life.

Red Restaurant
Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: kyndgrrl

Woman: Well, yes, of course I’m making it all up. But you know it’s true.
Friend: Oh, yes!

New Zealand

Overheard by: Ross

Lady #1: This cheese is sooo good.
Lady #2: Mmm, it is nice.
Lady #1: No, but it is really good. I mean, cheese is just amazing. I mean, it’s not like you grow it or anything — it’s man-made, from just milk. And a bit of mold! It’s incredible!
Lady #2: Wow, you really love it, don’t you?
Lady #1: Cheese is my religion.

Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast

Woman: … And he walked down the church aisle and just started licking himself!

King of Prussia Mall

Overheard by: Zofie

Woman, speaking up to friends: My cat is gay, and I’m okay with that… I tell the groomer he wants the pink bow, not the plaid one.

Columbia, South Carolina

Lunching ladies to man nearby: Well, we’re not crazy, and we have vaginas.

Overheard by: paul

Middle-aged woman to friend: I will text the shit out of your ass, but I will not leave you a voicemail!

The Premiere Grill
Valparaiso, Indiana