Mother to toddler daughter: Would you rather I just say “testicles”?

Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Brian

Teen boy, jokingly: So, yeah — I was thinking about getting my testicles removed, so that way no one can kick me there anymore.
Teen girl, mortified: No, don’t! You need one to live!

Fairfax, Minnesota

Overheard by: Amused friend

Dude, after receiving dickhead hat on 50th birthday: Hey, look! My double chin looks like a pair of balls in a nutsack!

Columbia, Missouri

Overheard by: Tiger Fan

Woman #1: What do you think ranch dressing goes good on?
Woman #2: Ball sack.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Overheard by: So What?

Frat boy: So, the prof walked into class and he looked right at me and he said, ‘Drew*, your right testicle is hanging out.’ That’s how he started the class!

12-year-old boy, enthusiastically: I like my genitalia!

Portland, Oregon

Guy to another: Dude, just study your nuts off and you'll be fine.

Binghamton University
New York

Girl: Every time I walk into Stop ‘N Shop and get a whiff of Irish Spring I think of your testicles.

Seton Hall University
South Orange, New Jersey

Overheard by: Never will think of Irish Spring the same way again

Girl: Do you want me to kick you in the balls?
Guy: What?
Girl: Cause then you'd be all like, “Now I can't reproduce. What's the point anymore?”

Weir House
New Zealand

Lesbian: People eat testicles here, too?!

Overheard by: orly