Diet & weight

Girl #1: I wonder if vegans get on the metro and, like, can't sit down because the seats are leather.
Guy: No, this is pleather.
Girl #2: If it were leather it would smell like it.
Guy: No, that's only clean leather.

Washington, DC

Overheard by: Vegan sitting on the Metro

Chick: Brazilians are the bomb.
Dude: Eastern European chicks are always sooo hot because they can’t afford food.


Girl on cell: I can't tell if I'm losing weight from softball or gaining weight from being hungry all the time.

Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Claire

Anorexic chick: I’m fat, aren’t I? Everyone knows it, too.
Friend: You’re not as fat as everyone says.

Irvine Spectrum
Orange County, California

Girlfriend: I think my butt has gotten bigger.
Boyfriend: If that’s true, hallelujah. I love big booties.
Girlfriend: David*, this is serious! I think I have been doing so many squats that my butt has lifted and risen… like bread.


Overheard by: MoMo

Guy: It’s like playing hopscotch with your shirt off and the little kids are like: “Mommy, look at his boobies!” and I’m like: “Yeah. Look at my boobies.”

Overheard by: well that’s neat

Drunk girl #1: God, I hate you. How do you stay so skinny?
Drunk girl #2: I only eat when I’m drunk.

United Kingdom

Overheard by: Nighttime Smoker

Blonde: I heard guys like big girls now.
Brunette: Excuse me while I vomit.

School bathroom
Newark, New Jersey

Girl #1: You're a fat whore. Well…minus the fat part.
Girl #2: Whatever. I'd rather be a whore than fat.
Girl #3: I like your morals!

Overheard by: Ian

Crazy blonde lady on park bench: Because they're all about gluttony. Plus, it's harder for them to get in if you're thin, because they're usually fat, you know? (two heavy ladies next to her nod)

Judiciary Square
Washington, DC