Lady in suit to man in wheelchair: Well, you're quick on your feet, I'll give you that. You're quick on your feet… Oh.

Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Julianna

Tourist woman to wheelchair-bound local: Can you point me in the right direction?
Wheelchair-bound local: Yep, it's straight down that way.
Tourist woman: Okay…but is it walkable?

St. Lawrence Market

Overheard by: kingdubby

Behavioral therapist, in very serious voice, to child with autism about animal crackers: Jason, put the elephant in your mouth!
Child's mother, laughing: How often do you honestly get to say that?

St. John's

Overheard by: aba therapist

Greasy old man to wheelchair-ridden woman: And then it drips out of my rectum…

Westchester Airport
New York

Philosophy teacher: Nowadays we see faith as blind belief. Is that fair to say?
Blind student: No.
Philosophy teacher: Right, why?
Blind student: I never believe anything blindly.

Santa Ana College

Overheard by: Frankie1way

Giddy girl, to guy in a wheelchair: Well, you certainly have sexual harassment down pat.

Art Department
University of Alaska

Blind old lady to old lady friend: Oh my, you started peeing so fast.
Old lady friend: Yes, it's because I stand up.
Blind old lady: Ohhhh…
Old lady friend: Yes, not a lot of women know how to stand up, you know.
Blind old lady: Yes, that's true. My mother used to stand.

CSULA Women's Bathroom

Overheard by: itshahaholly