Whiny girl to female friend, showing a polka-dotted bra: Come on! I'm trying to show you my boobs!
Boy, lifting his shirt: The only boobs she wants to see are mine!

Eugene, Oregon

Girl #1: So, I wore your underwear the other day.
Girl #2: Well, at least they were clean. I just washed them.


Overheard by: mitch

(walking past Victoria's Secret PINK)
Goth #1: Dude, that place sells, like, sexy lingerie for 14-year-olds.
Goth #2: Awesome, dude!

Old Orchard Mall
Skokie, Illinois

Lady walking out of an alley to man: I can't do it now, I'd have to take my shoes off and I'm not wearing any underwear.

Sacramento, California

Overheard by: Ambroziak

Hot girl #1: Have you decided what you're wearing tonight?
Hot girl #2: Pants.

Concord Pike
Wilminton, Delaware

Girl to friend: Yeah, the few times I’ve sold my underwear it was always the cheapest pair that sold for the most.

NW 23rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon

(elastic snapping sound)
Woman in stall: And that was the sound of my outside panties!

Bathroom, Dive Bar

Overheard by: Monika

Middle school girl: Normal bras don't work, because my boobs are, like, triangle-shaped.


Teenage girl #1: Oh my god, did I tell you my mom is wearing thong underwear?
Teenage girl #2: Oh my god, that is so weird!

Old Navy Store
Kansas City, Missouri

Eccentric driver's ed student: Sometimes I really just like to sniff my pants. (leans forward and sniffs his pants)

Northport, New York

Overheard by: Jessica