Woman getting into her car to guy in SUV: Wait, did I leave my underwear in your car?

Washington Township, New Jersey

Overheard by: Russ

Middle-aged matronly looking woman: Well, while we’re here I can get some of this stocking stuffer shit.

Chicago, Illinois

Mom to young daughter: No, you don't get a lollipop just because you're wearing underwear.

Dulwich Village

Overheard by: Didn't get a lollipop either

Young man to two female friends: If we go on that ride and his underwear aren't wet at the end, I am making him trade me.


Overheard by: it's a deal!

Guy to girl: I know about women. I lived with fifteen women. I know when you're going to get your period, and I can tell your bra size just by looking.

Kenosha, Wisconsin

That's No Euphemism, Dear Reader

Girl on cell: I would've loved to have gone to that socks summit. It sounds amazing!

Boston, Massachusetts

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Sorority pledge #1 walking in on another: Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.
Sorority pledge #2: Haha, it’s okay, I don’t care — I have a thong on.


Overheard by: victoria’s true secret

Skinny brunette: I hate her! I hate her so much!
Fat chick: Why? What did she do this time?
Skinny brunette: It's just the same stuff. She hangs her thongs on the wall, and they keep multiplying. Plus, she leaves the window opened.

Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, New York

Asian chick: If I wasn’t wearing underwear I definitely would have let him slide his hand up my butt.


Overheard by: doug

Girl selling coffee: Do you want sugar in this?
Guy buying coffee: How big are your cups?
Girl selling coffee, face turning red: That's a bit personal!


Overheard by: somedaftlassie