Dude: Is it okay if I bring her to the party this evening? She’s a Republican.

Florence, Oregon

Man to wife, thoughtfully: Everything south of San Francisco could just… just fall into the water, and it wouldn’t really matter.

Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Catherine

Comic book artist: Is the word “stab” or “poink” best for a dog nose being inserted into someone’s butt?
Group of coworkers in unison, very serious: “Poink,” definitely.

Portland, Oregon

Guy with hat: Did you find out what it was?
Guy with dog: They think it’s something paranormal.

Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Michelle Freedman

Boy, to teenage girl: Hi, Lisa.
Old man, entering: Hi.

Eugene, Oregon

Short boy, yelling inches away from short girl’s face: We should hang out!
Short girl: (walks away silently)
Tall boy, laughing: Dude!

High School
Eugene, Oregon

Boy holding slinky: I feel weird.
Boy holding other end: It’s okay. We’ve got a slinky!

High School
Eugene, Oregon

Little boy running from price scanner: Mom, my hand’s not for sale!

Target, 2255 14th Avenue SE
Albany, Oregon

Overheard by: Miranda

Six‐year‐old soccer player #1: It’s about having fun! It’s not all about winning.
Six‐year‐old soccer player #2: My mom says it is.

Lincoln City, Oregon

12‐year‐old boy, enthusiastically: I like my genitalia!

Portland, Oregon