Tourist: Is it solid silver?
Salesman: Let me show you. First, do you know how to tell the difference between solid silver and silver plate?
Tourist: No.
Salesman: This is solid silver.

Dodgy Souvenir Shop

Girl #1: So my mother says our dog is her “little sausage,” so she’s started calling him “pork sword.“
Girl #2, laughing: That’s got to be awkward!
Girl #1: Tell me about it! The other day my boyfriend thought she was yelling for my dad.

Cape Town
South Africa

Student #1: I don’t know what people are going on about. To me, ‘fuzzy logic’ and ‘rough sets’ are basically the same.
Student #2: How is fuzzy logic anything like rough sex?

University of Pretoria
South Africa

Overheard by: Daniel

Good looking dude, walking up to friend: Cunnilingus!
Good looking friend: And cunnilingus to you too.

Wits University
South Africa

Girl: The moral of the story is: “Don’t give blow jobs with a dislocated jaw!”

Rhodes University
South Africa

Guy: So you still living in Yeoville?
Girl: Yeah. I love it. I’ve got great rent. And last time I checked crime stats, our house break‐ins were way lower than other places.

South Africa

Overheard by: Kingmo!

Girl on phone: So I walked in on my flatmate using my electric toothbrush to… yeah, doing that. And here I am, still brushing my teeth with it. That is just disgusting. Disgusting!

Cape Town
South Africa

British woman: They asked me if I believed in Jesus and I said, ‘No, but I do worship Godzilla.’

CCS Home Base, Fodome Road
Hohoe, Volta Region
Ghana, West Africa

Professor: Sponges can regenerate from the broken pieces. If you put a sponge through a mincing machine, you just get lots of little sponges. If you put a cow through, you get mince. If you put a person through, you get arrested.

Rhodes University
South Africa

Overheard by: Amused Zoology Student

Annoyed guy to girl: But just now you told me you weren’t cold! It’s our first date and you’re already lying to me!

South Africa.

Overheard by: CBGB