Stodgy, old‐fashioned professor: It’s your birthday? I didn’t know, you must not have put it on Facebook.

St. John’s

Overheard by: Mel

Guy on cell: Now turn it on and set it to cow mode… Right, but be sure it’s in cow mode… No, you’ll know when it’s in cow mode.

Kroger Grocery
Conway, Arkansas

Overheard by: Not sure I want to know

Drunk girl: I want to be lesbionic!

Georgia Tech

Overheard by: YellowJacketGals

IT teacher: So if the CPU usage is really high, choose “end process tree” to kill the process.
Student in back, mumbling: That’s what she said…
IT teacher: Damn right that’s what she said!


Overheard by: Sunny

Drunk girl looking at digital camera: Sometimes I’m having such a good time I look Chinese.

Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, PA

Tourist lady, as train approaches the end of the line: So how are they going to turn this train around?
Daughter: They don’t have to. It can go in either direction.
Tourist lady: Well, are they at least going to turn the seats around?

Washington, DC

Guy to friend: He had to make a PowerPoint presentation about making PowerPoint presentation. And I had to walk him through it.

Manuel’s Tavern
Atlanta, Georgia

Professor: I can assume people don’t walk on their hands, but some people might do it to fool me, because I have a robot.

George Mason University
Fairfax County, Virginia

Overheard by: NoRobot

Mom: I don’t know what I should get for him. He likes video games and that kind of stuff. I got him a GameCube last year and he loves it.
Five‐year‐old child (looks away from game display, shocked): But you told me Santa got me the GameCube!

Best Buy
Seattle, Washington

Guy (watching NuvaRing commercial): I don’t know, I would think that taking one little pill every day would be less of a big deal than becoming…a cyborg.

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Claire