Girl, at beginning of Jesus Christ Superstar: Are they going to kill Jesus?
Boyfriend: Well…yes, Sarah. That's sort of how it works.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Overheard by: Adam Nathan

Chick: We’re going to see Saw II, right?
Dude: It’s probably gonna suck, though.
Chick: I just want to see people fucking die! You like watching people die, don’t you?
Dude: Well, yeah.

Ursinus College
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: A student

Little girl, about passerby wearing turban: Look, Mommy — it’s Aladdin.


Overheard by: Makes me want to have kids!

Blonde girl: I hate horror movies, because then I get scared that those things are going to happen, cause they really do happen.
Teacher: You can't live your life like that! Those things are really rare! Like, I've been in all sorts of sketchy situations, and I'm still here.
Guy: You're just too sheltered.
Teacher: Like, when I was in Rwanda, this guy was giving us a ride and he was like “do you want to stay overnight at my house?” and we were like “okay,” and I immediately regretted that one…


Girl #1, after seeing Sweeney Todd: Dude, is it bad that some of those people-pies looked good? I wonder what they would taste like…
Girl #2: That's awful!
Girl #1: Too bad. Those fuckers looked tasty.
Girl #3: I told you we should have eaten before we came here.


Overheard by: Kayleigh

Psychology instructor: If you look at the castle in The Little Mermaid, you'll see there are some phallic subliminal messages…
Student in the back row: It's a giant penis castle!

Psychology Class, Northwestern University

Girl #1: Even when I was a little kid I knew it was Christian propaganda. I was like, “Hey, this lion is Jesus!”
Girl #2: That was great, say it again.
Girl #1: This lion is Jesus!

AMC Century City

Little girl: I love you, pole.
[She kisses the pole.]
Father: Don’t kiss the pole! Keep it rated G!

Outside a Dim Sum Shop
Alameda, California

MBA #1 whispering: Every time [the professor] says, ‘investment of comparable risk,’ don’t you feel like he is saying, ‘rodents of unusual size’? Like in The Princess Bride?
MBA #2: You don’t like Accounting, do you?

Artsy queer: You masturbated to the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas?!

Houghton, Michigan

Overheard by: Midget Goldfish