Passenger to attendant: Excuse me? They turned the movie off.
Attendant: Yes, we're landing earlier than thought.
Passenger: Oh, but the movie wasn't over.
Attendant: Sorry about that, but we need to turn it off for descent.
Passenger: But I was watching it!
Attendant: I am very sorry, but since we have started our descent…
Passenger, interrupting: But now I don't know how it ends!
Attendant: They all lived happily ever after.

Qantas Flight to Melbourne

Overheard by: Seat 14 F

Aging dork #1: I like Star Trek, but not Star Wars because they never pay attention to physics.
Aging dork #2: William Shatner is a pimp.

Peterson Air Force Base

Kid wailing during first sex scene in Brokeback Mountain: I don’t want to watch this movie anymooore!


Overheard by: martha

Girl #1: After he proposed, I thought to myself, “why couldn't he have done this a few days before, so I could show off my ring at the funeral?”
Girl #2: I know, that's such a shame!

University of Delaware

Overheard by: It wasn't even THAT pretty of a ring!

White girl: Bite his face!
Asian girl: Ew, no! It's all hairy!
White girl: Sometimes you need to do things that you don't like. Like biting a hairy face, for example. Or putting balls in your mouth to get back your Breakfast Club movie…
Asian girl: Oh, you poor thing.

New Jersey

Fast-walking emo kid: There is no slowing down when it comes to me and High School Musical.

Roanoke, Virginia

Overheard by: snarky writer

Animated professor: And without the socialist revolution, to paraphrase Jar Jar Binks, “People gonna die!”

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Guy: Have you seen The Swede?
Friends: No …
Guy: It’s like the Citizen Kane of bad Korean movies!

Oyster Bay
Long Island, New York

Overheard by: tell me what you really think

Girl: The first Pokemon movie was really sad.
Guy #1: Oh, yeah! It made me cry.
Girl: I couldn’t believe when Pikachu almost died…
Guy #2: Have you guys seen Pokemon porn?
Girl: Okay, let’s just stop right there.
Guy #2: No, it’s crazy. You know Misty? She’ll do like anything!

Hartford, Connecticut

Overheard by: Claire

Older lady: Heath Ledger was The Joker? Boy, I never would have guessed that!

Movie Theater
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois