Burly dude: No, seriously, the thing about anal is it’s warmer, tighter, and you hardly ever get shit on your dick!

High school cafeteria
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Overheard by: we were scared for his tiny girlfriend

Girl to friends: Fuck Europe! I got Tanzania all up on my ass!

Atlanta, Georgia

Mother to teen daughter: And then you, me, and your aunt can mount the pillow like last time.

Augusta, Georgia

Overheard by: Annissa

Teen girl to another, while browsing CDs: Like, alphabetical order is so confusing.

Music Store
Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: Justin

Drunk girl: I want to be lesbionic!

Georgia Tech

Overheard by: YellowJacketGals

Homeless guy: I have a dream like Martin Luther King. I have a dream that someday it will… rain crack.

Atlanta, Georgia

Fireman: Yeah, so we were all standing around waiting for this suicidal guy to do whatever, and then we got hungry.
Girlfriend: So what did you all do?
Fireman: We went back to the station and made hot dogs.
Girlfriend: What about the guy?
Fireman: I mean, the cops were still there, and we got back before anything happened. Or, well, before anything eventful happened.
Girlfriend: What kind of hot dogs were they?

Target line
Atlanta, Georgia

Little girl pointing to handicapped sink: Mommy, do you know what that’s for?
Mom: It’s a sink for people in wheelchairs, honey.
Little girl: No! It’s where boys pee!

Bathroom, JCPenney’s
Forest Park, Georgia

Overheard by: Kelly

DJ: And we'll be giving away a free DVD of diary of a mad black woman!
Drunk shirtless redneck, sincerely: Wooooooo! That's my movie! That's my movie!

Screen on the Green, Centennial Park
Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: Becca

Mother in bathroom stall with four-year-old son: No, no, you're peeing on mommy. Aim lower! Aim lower!

Augusta, Georgia