30-ish blonde: Yeah, my three o’clock appointment canceled, so I lasered off my pubes.

Newcastle, Oklahoma

Man with Mohawk on cell: Okay, so I'm not technically the father but there are 27 baby boa constrictors over here that all have Mohawks.

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: cgt

Cub Scout #1: Your dad has hairy arms.
Cub Scout #2: You know what else is hairy? His penis!
Cub Scout #1: Yeah. So is my mom’s.

Cub Scout Camp

African-American man on phone: Well, now, you just bring your hair… and you be on your way.

Overheard by: serial forgetter of hair

Drunk guy: Everyone in this room should get hair extensions.


Overheard by: Meech

Nerd guy: Did you get a haircut?
Indie girl: No. Why?
Nerd guy: Your bangs are on the other side.
Indie girl: Oh, I didn't shower today.

Godfrey, Illinois

Overheard by: M

Guy #1: You mean, some girls have naturally curly hair? I thought they just got it permed.
Guy #2: You lived in L.A. for too long.

East Lansing, Michigan

Overheard by: Enigmae

Girl to friend: I gave my ostrich a fur coat.

Rich Catholic Girls School
St. Louis, Missouri

Overheard by: Sarah

Girl #1: It's my hair, isn't it?
Girl #2: Your hair is begging to be oversexed.

Wellington, New Zealand

Overheard by: Bea

Guy: Man, look at this guy! It's weird how they keep the eyelashes and hair on to keep them semi-human. You can see everything!
Girl: Um, are all penises so big?
Guy: I think it's due to preserving process.
Girl: I'm hungy.

Body Worlds Exhibit
Baltimore, Maryland

Overheard by: 8lb Gem my ASS!!