Student to other: Do you have your uterus?

Duke Medicine
Durham, North Carolina

Ghetto chick screaming at other: Do you deserve your ovaries? I parked your car for you, bitch!

Porter Square
Somerville, Massachusetts

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Guy: The professor talked about the uterus for 20 minutes. Who talks about the uterus in a history class?

Stone Center, Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, Alabama

Girl on train, not wearing earphones: Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Roma ro ma-ma! Gaga ooh la!
Girl across the seat: I will eat your uterus.

San Francisco, California

Girl to friend: But yeah, my uterus sucks. I wish I just had a vagina and it ended there. But I do love my pancreas!

University of Arizona

Sex ed teacher, drawing something in red marker: It looks like a tooth, but… (continues drawing) …it's supposed to be a uterus!

UW Rock County
Janesville, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Aku

Mother to teenage daughter: Are you sure you don't want anything?
Skinny teenage daughter: Nah. (shrugs) My uterus isn't happy.
(mother raises a quizzical eyebrow)
Skinny teenage daughter: It's all like: “hello, I'm a uterus, and I'm going to bloat my way through for awhile, and push Ms Stomach organ out through Ms Bellybutton.”
Mother: Oh.

Burger King
Manhattan, New York

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Girl on cell in crowded elevator: Walking through the naked women was supposed to represent, like, going through the birth canal!

Royal Ontario Museum

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Professor, discussing sperm's passage to egg: “Come and chase me!” That's what the woman says.

Saint Peter's College
New Jersey

Teen girl: I know! It’s the same with my uterus. I just want to rip it out sometimes.

Covington, Washington

Overheard by: Trevor