Girlfriend on packed, stopped train: I'm bored. Tell me a story.
Boyfriend: I remember the first time I saw you…you were crying…sitting outside the abortion clinic. I gave you my hankie.

Yellow Train
Washington, DC

Overheard by: entertained next to them

Sorority girl: Well, she should stop having abortions then!

University of Michigan

Preppy girl #1: You know you can't have sex for like, six moths after you have an abortion?
Preppy girl #2: That's stupid! Why wouldn't you just fall down some stairs?


Girl #1: Eww!
Girl #2: Oh, what? You can talk about your abortion, but I can't talk about warts?

Ashland, Oregon

Overheard by: crystal

Girl #1: What is Roe v. Wade?
Girl #2: What do you mean? I don't know!
Girl #1: What is it about?

Computer Lab, Syracuse University
New York

Bleached blonde sorority chick: If she doesn't abort it, we're totally throwing her a baby shower!


Overheard by: GDI

Chick #1: So, you guys might move in together?
Chick #2: Yeah.
Chick #1: I didn’t know you were that serious.
Chick #2: Well, I had his abortion, so yeah, I guess we’re pretty serious.


Bimbette on phone, nonchalantly: So you lost your baby?

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Girl #1: I mean, her nickname in high school was “the scraper.”
Girl #2: Is that a bad abortion joke?

Dallas, Texas

Overheard by: Confused

Chick on cell: Hey! I had a miscarriage! Wanna hang out?

High School Classroom
Englewood, Colorado