History professor, lecturing on the early 1900s: I mean, the problem of being the only person with a telephone is, well, who you gonna call?
Class, as one: Ghostbusters!
History professor: You kids scare me.

Boulder, Colorado

Overheard by: They know their history, alright

Photography professor: Yeah, I did this whole series about raves when I was in Tucson… I even dyed my hair yellow and shaved a daisy into it because, you know, I was “submersing myself in the culture.” But that was a long time ago. Now I'm a teacher. Go figure, huh?

Photography Class
Phoenix, Arizona

Overheard by: Katie

Art history TA: This print depicts the sacrifice of Isaac, which is a biblical story where God told Abraham to kill his first-born son.
Bimbette: Oh. My. God. That’s… terrible! That’s almost as bad as a girl telling her boyfriend that he needs to get rid of his dog because she’s allergic.

Overheard by: mary

Physics professor: First we’ll put it in the A hole and then we’ll put it in the other hole.

Allegheny College

(professor starts to write on the board. The chalk breaks. Class laughs. Professor turns around and bumps into the desk. Class laughs harder)
Professor: Shut up! Shut up and listen to me! I am teaching you things and being enthusiastic! …much as I dislike each and every one of you!
Student: Oh man, I am so writing that down.

SUNY Potsdam
New York

Overheard by: minibab

British lit professor, on gays: I have honestly never seen it rain on a gay person. Never. Not once in my life.

Georgia State Lit Class

Professor: I want you to write about the first time you did something. It can be anything. The first time you rode a bike. The first time you made a baby. (awkward pause) Wait!

Syracuse University
New York

Guy in sociology class: So male and female… Are those races?

Overheard by: doug

Professor: Say that you were to walk into class, and I was wearing…a red thong.
(students laugh) I'm not done. I also have sequins on my nipples–and my hair is in a red Mohawk. Half of you would turn around and walk out. The other half would think, “Eh, I can always drop the class.”

Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, California

Art professor: Say goodbye to sex and violence and hello to boring allegories.

Manhattan, Kansas