Girl: Wow! Einstein was like really smart!

Astronomy Class
UCSC, California

Overheard by: Eric

Student: Have you ever heard of the penis game?
Female professor: Which one? I've played many penis games.

Greek Myth Class
Illinois Wesleyan University

Overheard by: problem

Girl in anthropology class: So… Islam says that men can marry four wives, but women can only marry one husband. Whatever.
Professor: Let's try to maintain some cultural relativism!

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: nina

Girl on cell: Look, fine, then if you don't want Lucy Liu I'll hook you up with her sister. Then you can have two for one!

Film Class
Queen's University

Overheard by: Umm can I get in on that?

Professor, discussing an 18th century painting: Now, it is important to remember that at this time women did not wear panties. This is a beaver shot par excellence!

San José State University

Student #1: … And this concludes my presentation on Sudan. Are there any questions?
Student #2: Sudan… Is that where that Hotel Rwanda thing happened?
Professor: No, that would be Rwanda.

International Marketing class, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska

Overheard by: Meagan

Professor: The best time to study geography is in the morning after you've done the “walk of shame.” It will help you to keep your mind off of what you've done.” (cracks up) That's good shit.

Geography Classroom
Michigan State

Statistics professor writing on board: I’ll leave the numbers out because I always get them wrong anyway.

University of Chicago

Overheard by: too early for this class

MBA #1 whispering: Every time [the professor] says, ‘investment of comparable risk,’ don’t you feel like he is saying, ‘rodents of unusual size’? Like in The Princess Bride?
MBA #2: You don’t like Accounting, do you?

Quirky lesbian professor leading class in Kegel exercises: And everybody squeeze, hold, hold…release and squeeze, two, three…release.
Ditzy Indian, after shiver spasm: It gives me the willies!
Quirky lesbian professor: It's great, right!

Health Ed Class
Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York

Overheard by: Trying not to laugh at all the serious faces trying to hide these private exercises