Pop culture

Guy #1: Did you see the video where that girl shoots a banana out of her ass?
Guy #2: Yeah! And then she’s like “I think there’s still a strawberry up there!”

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina

Overheard by: starch

College girl: I really want to go as Superman!
Friend: You aren’t going to stuff your crotch, are you?

Melbourne University

Guy: It was like trying to pull candy from a baby.

West Island

Girl: Wait, who’s Hitler?
Guy: Are you serious?
Girl: I don’t watch a lot of tv…

Peabody, Massachusetts

Student #1, viewing political cartoons of Egypt: There’s a face on that rock!
Student #2: Because it’s the sphynx!

New Hampshire

Muslim girl: I’m really emo, but you couldn’t tell from looking at me.
Other girl: Really?
Muslim girl: Yeah, but I don’t cut myself. Well, technically. It depends what you mean by cutting yourself.

University of Toronto

Guy #1: Hey, cool! Harry Potter bookmarks! You think they have one for Hufflepuff?
Guy #2: Probably not.
Guy #1: Oh… Do you think it’s because nobody cares?

Tucson, Arizona

Spanish teacher: And you really have to be careful what you eat, because they have a lot of E. Coli problems.
Teenage girl: E. Coli? Like in those commercials with the cough drops?
Spanish teacher: What?
Teenage girl: Y’know, like the “Eeee‐coliiii…”

Jersey Shore High School

Overheard by: shana yo mamma

Tall adolescent: Peach sucks. Daisy’s okay, but peach sucks.
Short adolescent: See, I’ve always been more of a toad fan. Even if he does look kind of like a circumcised wang.
Tall adolescent: Oh, you.

Missoula, Montana

Teacher: See, adjectives are boring old turtles.
Students: Uhhh.
Teacher: But participles are like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Marshall High School

Overheard by: amused student.…