Designer suit on cell: No, dude, I talked to her. She’s definitely going to call the cops on us.


Burly male college student: I don't want to put my bare feet somewhere where someone's already put their bare feet.

Murray State University

Mom to running, laughing child: Stop running! You can have fun when we get home.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Overheard by: shannon

Thug #1: Yo, nigga! I will beat you up! You hear me? I will demolish your ass!
Thug #2: Nah man, nah. I'll beat your ass!
Thug #1: Fuck that, nigga, fuck that.
Thug #1: Yo, nigga, what was our physics homework for last night?
Thug #2: Section 4. It's on that Archimedes' principle shit.

University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Teen girl #1: Do you know what epidermis is?
Teen girl #2: No, but I’ve heard of it before.
Teen girl #1: What do you think it is?
Teen girl #2: I think it’s got something to do with ski lifts.

Breckenridge Lane
Louisville, Kentucky

Very drunk girl, exiting party: Oh my, it's dark outside!
Sober girl: Oh, are you gonna need help back to your dorm or anything?
Very drunk girl: Oh, no. Wine gives me night vision.

University of Kentucky

Overheard by: Emmatastic

Little nine-year-old kid with megaphone: You are going to go to hell, you know! The Apocalypse is coming! Are you ready? If you are drinking, you are a bad mother!
Army man #1, standing nearby: Do we have permission to fire?
Army man #2: I wish.

The Kentucky Derby

Overheard by: Kdub-ya

Older woman to younger one: Man, you never spend weekends with your kids! When I was raising my kid I could count the times on one hand that I used a babysitter.
Younger woman: Really?
Eavesdropping young man: Man, I was raised on a babysitter!

Louisville, Kentucky

Overheard by: I'm Adopted

Black guy to friends: I swear, every time I start talking to a girl she gets pregnant. (pause) Fo' real.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Overheard by: You must have been doing more than talking

Man walking through automatic doors: Wow, it’s the store of the future. The doors open by themselves!

Louisville, Kentucky