Six-year-old boy holding “pillow pet”, singing: It's a pillow, it's a pet, it's a pillow pet! (then, whispering to himself) This isn't as cool as I thought it would be…

White Plains, New York

Overheard by: M

Weird Asian guy: You’ve never heard about the clitoral frequency?! It’s a certain frequency that only men can hit, and if they hit it then all the women in the area will simultaneously orgasm.
Weird white guy: I’ve heard about the clitoral frequency! If you get an all-male choir to all sing as low as they can go, then they hit it.

Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: deb

Guy: I decided I would do a little social experiment. So I went to the gas station and bought a chocolate muffin and sat down outside the door. Then this guy passed me, so I shoved the muffin in my mouth and started singing “What if God Was One of Us,” with little pieces of the muffin falling out of my mouth. It was great.

Overheard by: julie

Man in crowd of bar patrons leaving after last call, singing: It's ti-ime for the pizza store, it's ti-ime for the pizza store… I don't even care where we go, I just got to get some cheese on my dick. I'm just gonna stick it in. I'm serious, let's go, get that in an oven and roast it. Let's get it in an oven… and roast it like a cherry tomato.

Madison, Wisconsin

Old man pushing shopping cart, singing happily to himself: Maybe I should get an 8-million-dollar lawsuit against my own family!

Seattle, Washington

Pizza delivery guy, singing, with a handful of Froot Loops: Frooooooot loooooops!
Later, coming out of building: Everybody loves Froooooot Looooooooooops!

Amherst, Massachusetts

Overheard by: chromathegreat

Fashionable girl to singing man on bicycle: Excuse me, are you mentally ill or just musically inclined?


Overheard by: Anja Schwalm

Little boy, in sing-song: I believe I can fly! I believe I can… die!
Sales clerk: That's the sad version.

JC Penney
Columbia, Missouri

College girl, while listening to Hang Me Out To Dry: Dude, I just pictured my tampon singing this song!

Overheard by: a. Lil

Boyfriend: Ow! Stop twisting my mole.
Girlfriend, singing quietly to herself: Looking for rub in all the wrong places.

MAX Train
Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Amy Achterman