Teen Boy Scout (after narrowly avoiding tripping): And that's why I'm so good at swing dancing. I have hips like an angel.

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Duckie

Dancing lady, about soca music: Do you like this music?
Five-year-old boy: No, I don’t like music… except Spider-Man music.
Dancing lady: So, you don’t dance?
Five-year-old boy: No… I only dance when I’m naked.

Harbourfront, Toronto

Overheard by: Pandora

Woman wearing puffy coat: Wearing a puffy coat makes me feel like …
Man also wearing a puffy coat: It makes me feel like dancing.
Woman: …punching people.

Quebec City

Woman on cell: So what should I do? Tap dance all over it?


Overheard by: Fredwina

Nerdy-looking teenage boy: No way, going to the school dance with a partner seriously decreases my chances of getting laid.

Outside School
Washington, DC

Kid #1, playing with blocks: This robot needs guns!
Kid #2: Pretend his hands are guns. [Pauses, then sings] Everybody dance now!

82nd and State
Kansas City, Kansas

Overheard by: BookVixen

Girl: I hate those girls that are like, “Oh, look at me, I can dance with my hand in my hair!”

Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While Muscular Christianity's More Of a Gay Gym Boy

Tall girl to short girl: You make religion sound like the skinny kid you didn't go to prom with.

Ithaca, New York

Overheard by: Lissette

Teen princess to another, in changing room: Oh my god, she's so trashy. Who would ask their friends to a a pole-dancing class there? The pole dancing studios I go to in the city are like sexy and hot. But at that one, I got carpet burn.

Changing Rooms

Large chick in group of students: I like science, music, dance, and you know what else I like? Anal.

Community College