Friend #1: I just want a Dance Dance Revolution mat that won't skid around on the floor while I dance on it. I am thinking about covering my old one in an unskiddable material.
Friend #2: Well, you could try human skin.
Friend #1: Does it skid?
Friend #2: Only when wet.

Omaha, Nebraska.

Clarinet girl: I have, like, this fetish with office supplies, especially the electric stapler.
Friend: Oh my god! What?
Clarinet girl: Yeah, sometimes my roommate and I dance with it. And the boys above us creep at our window.
Friend: Oh… interesting.


Overheard by: Glad I don't live near them… And glad I wasn't stuck with either of them as a roommate.

Woman: I felt so bad. I was like, “it's okay, you can leave your pool cue there, come dance with me.”
Friend: And then you left him in the middle of the dance floor.
Woman: I didn't know he was blind!
Friend: So you blew him?
Woman: Did I?

Hot Springs, Idaho

Guy: Men are bastards. I'm a man.
Girl: Then what does that make you?
Guy: Huh?
Girl: You said men are bastards. So then what does that make you?
Guy, not paying attention: Wanna dance?

Norman, Oklahoma

Girl: Today at the Garden Centre, Bret did this amazing dance to cheer up a dog.

New Zealand

Guy: I’ll do the work and you’ll do the Chinese dance in sexy underwear.
Angry Chinese girl: No!


Overheard by: ad’a

Young buck #1: Do you want to go out to the track and race?
Young buck #2: I'm not fond of dust baths.

Monroe Community College
Rochester, New York

Eight-year-old: I believe the fanny dance is in order here.
Amused passerby: Awww, what is the fanny dance?
Eight-year-old: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Dallas, Texas

Girl #1 on Facebook: And then I gave my mom a lap dance.
Girl #2, looking at pictures: It looks like she was enjoying it.

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

College guy: I like salsa, but it makes me sad.

Duluth, Minnesota

Overheard by: Nic