Old man to another: Well, ya know what they say. Life's too short to dance with ugly women!

Flea Market
Nashville, Tennessee

Indian tourist outside strip club: So you pay money, and a lady dances for you.
Mum: Well, that sounds delightful.


Overheard by: Chinese cockney

Manly college guy to friends: I just like to dance my way through life.


Overheard by: a. Lil.

Girl to friends: I've got visions of blowjobs dancing in my head!

Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: Holly

Student girl on phone: They made me drink loads of alcohol out of a massive bucket. It was beer and vodka all mixed together. Yeah, and then all the lads stripped off and started dancing on the tables, and they started smearing the curry on their naked bodies. It was awful, but I ended up going home with one of them, he's a rugby player.


Overheard by: Gemma

Professor: This weekend I went to a new restaurant that had a bar. It was interesting to see how the new generation dances these days.
Student: What's weird about dancing?
Professor: In my day we would have called that rape.

Durham, New Hampshire

Guy: So, you dance in the room where nobody else does?
Girl: Yeah, I guess nobody understands me. Not even at goth night.

Louisville, Kentucky

Girl to mother: You know, that’s why I’m so messed up. My main memories of church are smearing fake blood on a Ken doll for Cain killing Abel, with pigeons cooing at me; and dancing across the stage in a pink tutu for The Odyssey.

Aurora, Colorado

Girl #1: Isn’t lap dancing anal sex?
Girl #2: Uhh, excuse me?
Girl #1: Well, if a girl sits on a guy’s lap and he gets an erection, it would go [points up] up the ass, right?

High School

Overheard by: NinjaPirates