Girl one: Smell my face. Smell right here. Doesn’t it smell great? The stripper I got a lap dance from was wearing great perfume.
Girl two: It smells like pickles.

Toby Keith’s Restaurant
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Girl: I told him I didn't dance, because I didn't want to dance with him, but all these other guys asked me if I wanted to dance and I had to say no because I told him I didn't dance, but I really wanted to dance. So we have to go, so that I can dance.
Friend: So, did you dance with him?

Pasadena, California

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Dancing girl #1: How do you know how to line dance?
Dancing girl #2: I was a Girl Scout!
Dancing girl #1: What? Are all Girl Scouts rednecks?


20-something suit on cell (angrily): But mom, you don't understand! Everyone I know is already on the folk dancing team!

Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

Guy to friend: Do you have a reason to riverdance on my testicles?

Boone, North Carolina

Female college student: Why are you wearing underwear? I don't wear underwear. I'm a dancer. You are not a dancer. What are you even doing here? You're not a real dancer. You're an elf. And you're going to wear panties like an elf.

Chicago, Illinois

Drunken teenage girl, dancing down the street: I taste like fucking condoms!

Toronto, Canadia

Guy: So she googled me, and found the thing from the dance-off with my balls hanging out! It's the first thing that comes up!


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Gay guy: I told them not to have hip-hop night cause a bitch would get cut. And what happened? A bitch got cut!

Outside The Hippo
Mt. Vernon, Mayrland

Cute girl: Do you think I could make money if I started a toe burlesque?

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

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