Overheard in Minneapolis

One of three bros, ordering a cake: And could you make it say, “Sorry we stole your car”?


Overheard by: cake fixes all problems.

Man: I'm too old for overnight adventures.
Woman: You're too married.


Overheard by: garage girl #1

Little boy to parents: Nuh-uhhh! I only got thrown up on that one time!


Overheard by: alexis

Cute, 20-something, professional woman: You know, sometimes I just really wish I knew what it's like to be slutty!


Overheard by: chino latino

African-American man on phone: Well, now, you just bring your hair… and you be on your way.


Overheard by: serial forgetter of hair

Man on cell: So, are we seeing a chick flick tonight? … Am I gonna get any play afterwards? … Sweet, I’ll see you later.


Receptionist to executive assistant: …so in conclusion, I got peed on…by a taxi driver…who I dated.


Overheard by: Ian

Little girl pointing to City Hall: That's where we pick up daddy!
Mom: No, it's across the street at the jail.


Overheard by: not good

Blonde to parents: Pretend I’m smarter than you think I am.


Overheard by: she really is

20-something girl on cell: I had the malpractice ball this last weekend. It was in the Weisman Museum… kind of lame, not a lot of space. (pause) But I didn't bring a flask this year, so it was a little conservative, definitely a limited amount of alcohol. (pause) Are you going home for Passover? (pause) Oh my, are you converting? (pause) Yeah, I want to know what this whole Jerry Springer photo thing is all about.


Overheard by: burrhead