Bringing it back to you

Girl #1: Do you think anyone’s like… Actually a good person?
[long pause]Girl #2: Ugh, my stomach really hurts today.

Drew University
Madison, New Jersey

Boy to giggling girl #1: I like your eyelashes, they’re really long.
(jealous silence)
Giggling girl #2: The rest of us have eyelashes too!


Overheard by: Becca

Drunk girl: You know, me and Jared are a lot alike. We both kind of throw ourselves out there with the same kind of desperation, only mine… is a more quiet desperation.

University of Idaho

Overheard by: Funnygirl

Chemistry professor: Now, it may seem that nature has gotten it wrong – but like me, nature never gets it wrong.

University of Auckland
New Zealand

These People Are Everywhere

Thugette: I ain’t talking to you no more!
Thug: Well, let me ask you a question — about you.
Thugette: Alright.
Thug: What you heard about me?!

Downtown Mall
Charlottesville, Virginia

Teen girl: They’ve broken up three times, and it never goes well for me.

Studio City, California

Overheard by: Urz

Teen son to mother: Whats wrong?
Sulking mother: Well, it’s just that it’s my birthday and you’re all just buying things for yourselves.

Department Store
West Australia

Overheard by: linda

Indian entrepreneur: I am tired of listening to people talking. I want to listen to me talking.

Overheard by: rich

Elderly lady to six‐month‐old baby: Now, I want you to say nice and clearly, “here I am, grandmother,” when I ask you where you are.


Girl inside stall: I love my vagina!

Bathroom in Bar
New Haven, Connecticut