Nerdy teen #1: So you just sort of put your hands down her pants and rub up behind her.
Nerdy teen #2 (nodding): Yeah. I know what you mean.


Overheard by: iloveholidays

Girl on cell phone: So I got a little finger action this week, but I said ‘No’ so it’s okay.

Cleveland, Ohio

Overheard by: Justin

20-something to friend: I can't believe you asked if he was the handjob guy!

Norman, Oklahoma

High school girl #1, screaming: Oh my god!
High school girl #2: What happened?!
High school girl #1, pointing at girl #3: She just shoved her finger up my crotch!

Space Mountain line, Disneyland

Overheard by: bobbie the tortfeasor

Guy in bicycle to another, intensely: People like to be artificially stimulated.

Encino, California

Guy: But I hate wearing condoms! I can’t feel anything. I might as well put my dick in a cereal box.
Girl: I think my vagina is a bit different from a cereal box.
Dude, excitedly: If your vagina had cereal in it, I’d eat you out all the time!

Davidson, North Carolina

Drunk guy: Foreplay? What the fuck is that!?


Overheard by: B_friendly

Guy to girl: What? Your tummy hurts? Let’s make out!

Auburn, Alabama

Girl: Hey! How are you? Anything new and exciting?
Friend: I got rear-ended while driving yesterday because a woman was receiving oral sex.

Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Professor: So the idea of women getting foreplay before sex often ends up being a way…
Student (cutting her off): For him to get you just wet enough so he can stick it in.
Professor: Well, I was trying to think of a more polite way to say it, but…yes.