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Doesn’t Seem Like Much of a Stretch for Either of Us

Preppy guy: You’re such a bitch, Alexandra.
Alexandra: Thanks?
Preppy guy: No, in a good way.
Alexandra: How can you be a bitch in a good way?
Preppy guy: You’re the kind of bitch that makes me wish I was gay so we could sit at an outside cafe and make fun of people’s outfits when they walk by.

Starbucks, Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: i want to, too!

That, and the Shrapnel

Preppy girl #1: Yeah, so he’s going to be in Iraq until early December, and then he gets to be here until early January, and then he starts his second tour.
Preppy girl #2: That’s awesome.
Preppy girl #1: Yeah, except that he’s dating my best friend.

Judiciary Square Metro Station
Washington, DC

Overheard by: V