Girl to pizza delivery guy: So that's a meat feast, a ham and pineapple, a chicken supreme, and a Margherita for Amy because she's a lesbian.
Amy: I'm a vegetarian!


Girl: My aunt’s a kindergarten teacher, so she knows a lot of non-fags.

Wellesley College
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Teenage girl: It's like every time we get close he backs out. I can't help to think it has something to do with his penis size.
Friend: Next time just throw him over your shoulder and take him back to the cave.

Santee, California

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Physics professor: First we’ll put it in the A hole and then we’ll put it in the other hole.

Allegheny College

Dude #1: Yeah, I go to gay bars sometimes.
Dude #2: Really? So, are you saying you like guys?
Dude #1: No, I don’t like guys, but when I go to gay bars I just dance with them and flirt with them. It’s not like I have conversations with them.
Dude #2: … So then maybe you’re bi?
Dude #1: No, I’m just a people person.

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Guy to girl: Actually, no. I personally hate the idea of having a plastic trash bag on my cock.

Stow, Ohio

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Customer to cashier: I love that name, “Sierra.” My parents were going to name me Sierra Dawn if I was a girl, because they really wanted their last child to finally be a girl. But I wasn't. Now I use Sierra as my drag name.

West Hollywood, California

Girl to another, leaving bus: But you can't make everybody be gay!


Professor (about Hamlet): So how is this like Lesbian porn?

Illinois Wesleyan University

Tall skinny guy: Did you know that three out of every four deaths on roller coasters are girls? It's because they're so small and aerodynamic.

Six Flags
Valencia, California